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Breeder Caretaker

Make a difference in a life for one who served to protect yours.

Volunteer to foster a mom or dad of a future service dog for a veteran.

Breeder caretakers are very important volunteers who care for the sires and dams of USVSD. These dogs are the ones responsible for producing future USVSD service dogs.

Breeder caretakers provide a loving home where the dog will maintain housebreaking, basic obedience, and proper body condition. Neo Natal veterinary care is provided by USVSD (Vet care related to breeding and reproduction), but other care such as food, toys, treats, normal vet care (vaccines, heart worm preventive ect.), or other dog related expenses are covered by the caretaker. After their breeding career is over, you are offered the option to adopt the dog. The only requirements are that you live within 75 miles of our facility, and the dog must sleep indoors.

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