Apply to be a

Puppy Raiser

Make a difference in a life for one who served to protect yours.

Volunteer to raise a future service dog for a veteran.

Our mission to provide a new normal to veterans through the use of service dogs can only be accomplished through our amazing puppy raisers.

Puppy raisers provide loving homes and teach their puppy good foundational behaviors. Our puppy raisers play such a vital role because they care for the puppies from around 8 weeks old until they are recalled to formal training between 14 and 18 months old. As a puppy raiser, you are responsible for providing socialization opportunities to new and diverse environments. You also teach basic obedience such as how to walk on a leash, how to interact with people, sit, down, stay, and public access manners.

During our dog’s puppy phase, we focus on positive association to new environments, basic obedience, building foundational behaviors such as how to behave at home. The puppy will accompany the raiser regularly outside the home – at least one outing per week. We provide resources on training your new puppy and community of support to help you along the process. No prior experience is necessary to become a puppy raiser.

After the dog is recalled to formal training, they train with professional service dog trainers for 3-6 months. Once they complete their training, they will be matched with their forever person. The puppy raiser will be invited to the graduation ceremony where they will hand over their puppy’s leash and see the impact they made on a veteran’s life.